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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Getting started

Welcome to WoW!!

I'm welcoming myself as much as I'm welcoming anyone else who might wander onto this page...

Ok, so what exactly am I doing here? I created this blog primarily to document a process I'm going through at the moment, a kind of all-systems-go detox which will take me to the end of August. I'm trying out all sorts of things which I suspect some people may be able to relate to, and that's why I thought starting a blog would be a good way of working through this process mentally.
I know, though, that the application for and the potential life of this blog is much bigger than I suspect, and I can't help wondering if it might be a lifelong thing?

So here are some of the things I know I will be writing about. They are the things that define me, the things I'm about, and also the things I'm working through and would like to share:

  • Veganism: One of the challenges of my month ahead is converting from full-on carnivore to full-on vegan (no meat or any animal products, e.g. milk, eggs, honey...). So I'll be writing about some daily gripes, coming to terms with life sans cheese. But I'll also be sharing some of the amazing things I'm discovering, about food and about myself, by changing my diet. I've already discovered some incredible recipes which I will be posting on the blog. I am sure that there are people out there who would like to give veganism a try (or are trying to give veganism a try!) and I hope that we can benefit by learning together :)

  • Daily exercise (including walking, yoga as well as some karate and tibetan practices) This is another part of the programme and I will comment every now and then what I am learning and what I am finding useful, in the hopes that it may inspire more than just me!

  • WOW Wednesdays! As a regular (ahem) attemptor of Meat-Free-Mondays, I realised how much easier it is to incorporate something into your life if you make it a set, regular (i.e. weekly) event. So I decided to confront my growing pessimism about the world by introducing WOW-Wednesdays for myself. The idea is to practise gratitude and wonderment - these are habits and need conscious practising - on this one day of the week. Of course, you can practise gratitude and wonderment any day of the week, but at least this is one way to try to remember to do it! Now, as is the case with Meat-Free-Mondays, all too often I forget! I hope that this blog will inspire me to remember it - I will aim to provide some spirit-lifting food for thought on 'WoW' every Wednesday, in whatever form. And I hope that it will inspire others to dust off those old rose-tinted glasses and lighten up a bit, even if it's just for 24 hours (heck, even if it's just for one hour!)... [Oh, WOW doesn't stand for anything, in case you didn't get that. It's]

  • The Artist's Way (book by Julia Cameron) another stalwart guide in my quest for happiness and health. I have been working through this book for many months now, and will comment from time to time on the things I am being inspired and challenged to do through my journey through this process.

  • Aaaaaand pretty much anything else which I feel is worthy of sharing!! I'm a sucker for words and anything linguistic, so I'm sure we'll find a few etymological explosions ('etymahooha whaaat??')creeping in every now and then...

So that's it for my first blog! I look forward to meeting and engaging with everyone!
'Til next time...


  1. Awesome stuff! I'm psyched to be part of what I think will be a really exciting journey for you!

    By the way, you could also think of joining Red Sock Friday... I'm part of it and am wearing my red socks today to remind me that I have a lot to be grateful for and that life actually rocks :) Check out

  2. Totally! Thanks for that Heather! Happy Red-Sock Day everyone - I'm off to change my socks... ;-)

  3. Yay Sneaks!! So proud of you!! Will be following with interest!

  4. Ooh so many exciting concepts!!!! I don't even own red socks... or the artists way... I think i may be somewhat behind on the spiritual journey!!!;) Go you Av - you inspire me!!:)

  5. Lol! I only have one pair of socks myself. But honestly, we could all afford to have more red socks (I mean we could spiritually afford it, not necessarily financially!) - they're like wearing big smiles on your feet all day long :)

  6. Errrrm, I'd better qualify that. I meant I only have one pair of RED socks!

  7. schnazz! This is wonderful - so you! YOu inspire me! After meeting Jo, she also inspired me to go Vegan, but alas I have failed. I have however stopped most forms of dairy. Was doing to well with all but some have crept in again. Will try harder. It has also been very hard to eat meat, which I'm not sad about. So eating more nuts, fruit, veggies etc. Good luck with your journey. I look forward to reading your blogs and getting my dose of 'kick up the butt' that I need. xx

  8. oh and thanks for reminding me about wow and thanks Heather for red sock friday! Dont own red socks so off to go buy a pair now! Love it

  9. Hey,

    I was a friend of Heather's at varsity and I saw the link to your blog on her Facebook page.

    I am soo very interested to read about your journey and hopefully pick up some great tips and lessons for myself along the way!

    All the best with all your endeavours!


  10. Hey, thanks for your comment and welcome to WoW! I'd love to hear your opinions too, so please feel free to get involved :)