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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


A very un-wow start...

I was woken this morning by my insistent alarm clock. I was tired, I had a blocked nose (a 'blokdd doze') and it felt like my head was full of concrete. Plus, it was SOOOOooooOOo cold! I was utterly resentful of the fact that I would need to get out of bed to go to my boot-camp class. To walk to my boot-camp class. What stupid idiot, I thought, made the commitment to walking to boot-camp every day?? Well, yes, it was me. So I felt resentful, moody and sick, but I forced myself out of bed because after all I had to. Three more sessions this week, I thought, and then only a week to go! I was vaguely aware of and surprised at myself counting down the days to the end of boot-camp, because I have enjoyed and benefited from it immeasurably thus far. But everything was a victim of my bad mood, including wonderful boot-camp.

As I grumpily yanked off my pyjamas, I realised with a sinking feeling: It's Wednesday. WOW-Wednesday. Oh great, I moaned, now I have to be happy as well?!

Give yourself a hug
So, resignedly, I committed myself to trying to be less of a pain in the ass about everything. Something in me wanted a hug before it could look on the bright side of life. So I gave it a hug. 'You want to wear a scarf to your exercise class? Well, let's wear a scarf then.' 'Oh, you want to do your hair nicely? Well, ok - that doesn't seem a bit silly at all! Let's take the time to get ourself looking and feeling pretty'. And gradually, with these interior hugs, that something inside became less disgruntled and disillusioned. And, well, I had an awesome time at boot-camp. I loved the walk and really, I know I was just being a big baby earlier!

But here's my message for the day: it's ok to be a big baby sometimes! Listen to your big-babyness and give your sulking self a lollipop, or a hug, or some jivey music to dance to. Then watch it start to tap its toes!

So whatever you need in order to be your best and see the best in the world, do that for yourself. Maybe it means taking a few minutes to make yourself nice coffee, or wearing your favourite shoes, or listening to Celine Dion even though everyone you know says she's lame (and singing along passionately!)...

Have a WOW-Wednesday everyone :)

'Til next time 


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  2. Thanks Av - I too have those sulky moments. I love the idea of self hugs. I'll try those.

  3. What a great concept:) i think i could seriously do with some self hugs from time to time! thanks Av :)

  4. Couldn't we all! Check out my latest Wow-Wednesday post for some ideas for self-hugging :-)